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I think i found hell

Best way to no get ur heart broken is to pretend you don't have one

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"Lo que tú y yo sentimos y deseamos esa noche ya es parte de mi historia aunque nunca ocurra, aunque tú estés lejos."

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Jesse Rutherford at Coachella

…and brandon and zach

freya, kaya, sean, lisa, & alex

"prometo besar cada lunar que hace lugar en tu cuerpo, perder la cuenta y empezar denuevo."

- Cultura profetica - Para estar. (via ihope-your-wifi-dies)

"Hell exists.
it’s here.
3 a.m.
awake and
without you."

- Beau Taplin, "Hell exists." (via afadthatlastsforever)

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i formally apologize to anyone who knew me when i was 13

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Some things, once you’ve loved them, become yours forever. And if you try to let them go, they only circle back and return to you.They become part of who you are… or they destroy you.

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Skins blog here ✖☹


living life like i’m in a dream

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